Sanchin testing in Okinawa.

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Sanchin testing in Okinawa.

Postby Stevie B » Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:48 am

New video that just came out.. This is Mark Brelsford Sensei ( My personal good friend, and the leader of the Fukken Koryu Bujitsukan in Amaerica) being tested for RokuDan in 94... Turn up the volumne to hear, but trust me that Yonamine Sensei was known to be just tough as nails!!!To me, this is a good Sanchin Test.. Mark Sensei had already spent about 12 years working out with these guys on a daily basis.. So they know what he could take..Not saying that every one going over there should go through this type of test.. Not all the time anyways.. Just a very good example of how seriously it's done over there..

Hope you all enjoy!!! Thanks to Brelsford Sensei for making it available!!! :)

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Re: Sanchin testing in Okinawa.

Postby Bill Glasheen » Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:53 am

Hello, Stevie!

I had the pleasure of working out with Yonamine Sensei for about a week at one of George's Thompson Island camps (circa 1983). Among other wonderful interactions, he taught me Hamahiga no tonfa which I still do and teach today. He is definitely a Uechi legend. He's everything you say he is, and a wonderful human being to boot.

Mark is a beast; that is for sure. That's a Marine through and through. We've interacted on and off through the years, and I finally got a chance to meet him at one of George's Massachusetts Maritime Academy camps.

In short... Yonamine Sensei and Mark are doing this demo at his test because they can. As you stated... a teacher who works out with a student for many years knows a student. There's no better person to bring the best out of someone. That's exactly what I witnessed in that video.

It's also worth noting that Newton's laws apply. When a sports car meets a truck... Just saying. ;)

- Bill

P.S. Thanks for supplying this, Mark.
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