Single word descriptions

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Single word descriptions

Postby TSDguy » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:03 pm

I recently had an interesting discussion where things were broken down to their almost stereotypical, defining, single word; what makes it useful and special.

Some examples, starting with what I work with currently:

Boxing: Simplified - You do one thing and you do it better than everyone else. (I actually sort of disagree with myself on this one. I think aside from the obvious, footwork and body movement - or simply "movement" is better in boxing than any other style, with a close second of TKD)

Muay Thai: Brutal - IMO the most painful style on the planet. If it doesn't work, don't use it because you will be broken. Trial by fire.

BJJ: Unique - No other style spends so much time on the ground in such bizarre positions.

How would you define Uechie-Ryu? Any other styles you've trained in? You get penalized for saying "effective".
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Re: Single word descriptions

Postby Bill Glasheen » Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:08 am


The entire style is built on a handful of simple principles and basic elements. Everything uses and reuses those principles and building blocks. Because you get so much from so little, it's easier to internalize the system and perform it under extremes of neurohormonal stimulation. And with fewer mental decisions (choices) being made, you respond quicker.

The description of the system - pangainoon - is consistent with this definition. It stands literally for "half hard and half soft". In the system though you see that it can easily be translated as yin/yang, or even "sometimes this and sometimes that". A shoken can be used as a poke or a grab. A circle can be used as a block, an attack, a throw, and a joint dislocation technique. An elbow can be used as a block, a strike, a joust, a throw, or a choke.

- Bill
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