James Bond meets Big Trouble in Little China

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James Bond meets Big Trouble in Little China

Postby Bill Glasheen » Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:49 am

I just saw this movie with my 16-year-old son over the weekend.

..... Kingsman - The Secret Service

It was just the kind of light-hearted humor plus action that we needed as a diversion. Here's a "fight scene" from the movie.

..... "Bar Fight" Clip

Needless to say this movie is the right mix of preposterous, accurate, and understated funny all at once. Sadly a lot of the best scenes are in the trailer, so you're losing a lot of the enjoyment by watching them. But still... it's worthwhile for entertainment.

It's worth mentioning that the movie has Samuel L. Jackson playing the villain, and Michael Caine playing a decidedly complex role.

A word of warning... If you consider world leaders - including our own - off base for ridicule (and more), then you will be offended. Me? I found myself rather inappropriately clapping at one scene. Most of the theater was aghast, my son laughed, and several people turned around and smiled at me. You'll see what I mean when/if you see it.

This movie is fun, and makes fun of itself. People with strong political views and thin skins may be appalled. People who want a happy ending will be left... well... you have to see the movie.

There are days when I have great hope for my younger son. He has a sophisticated/sick sense of humor about life and the world. 8)

- Bill
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