a different perspective on the warrior monk

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a different perspective on the warrior monk

Postby fivedragons » Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:48 am

There are different sets of two person "kata" in this Chinese training methodology, which could be compared to the kata of classical jujutsu, if a comparison had to be made.

The first set deals with responding to an attack with either a wax on circle or a wax off circle, followed by a combination of strikes and kicks.

The third set of exercises are named after the founding families (Choy, Li and Ho), and deal with leverages, throws, etc. Basically, manipulation of the movement and structure.

But the second set of exercises is called "The way of the monk". This consists of nothing more than walking up to a person from different angles and proceeding to ##### them up. There was a time and place where buddhist monks were just about the only enforcers of a moral code. Some monks were devoted purely to passive spiritual pursuits, but others were known as warrior monks. These people followed their spiritual path as the antidote for evil and oppression.

They did not telegraph their intentions, or engage in tactical errors. They would simply apply their training when it was called for.
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