Need Advice-knee problems

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Need Advice-knee problems

Postby drutokh » Fri May 26, 2017 3:50 pm

Good Morrning IUKF,
I am an almost 64 y/o Shodan with knee problems; likely arthritis. A little background: lifted pretty heavy most of my life. Started UR at 57 and cross trained for a bit over a year in BJJ. Loved it, but felt I was doing myself more harm then good. Transitioned to traditional JJ and just experienced a moderate tear in my right LCL, so I stopped that as well. Saw the Ortho doc and had a cortisone shot and a series of Euflexa (sp?) shots. Both worked fora few months. Had imaging and theXray did not reveal anything significant. Had an MRIon left knee and it revealed a tear in the meniscus. Prescribed a brace. Use RICE, take Tumeric, Glucosamine/ MSM without much improvement. Strengthening knee with some lifting and doing yoga. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, where do I send my dues?

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