Anthony Rethreaded

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Anthony Rethreaded

Postby joseph » Sun Mar 07, 1999 2:06 am

...just cleaning up the spaggheti
please excuse the mess

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Anthony Rethreaded

Postby miked » Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:15 am


I am also sorry for any hurt feelings I may have caused you. That was never my intent. I was very intrigued with your mental imagery and I wanted to it explore it further. Perhaps I should have done this privately but I felt the discussion of mushin, zanshin, etc. was interesting to many others. I admire you for your tenacity, loyalty and dedication to Uechi. One day I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in person, so we can "beat the crap out of each other" and share a beer :-) How does that sound?


Why do you feel the need to "bow out of the forums". I, for one, appreciate your knowledge and experience. Please reconsider.

All the best,

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