Mid-Atlantic Regional Workout

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Mid-Atlantic Regional Workout

Postby Bill Glasheen » Sat Mar 13, 1999 2:07 pm

This March 20 (Saturday), there will be a "regional" workout at Bob Kaiser's new dojo in the D.C. area.

Several years ago, we (Shohei, Uechi, Kenyukai, other styles) started a tradition of working out together on roughly a quarterly basis. Usually we try to get an outsider in to spice up the visit. Past visiting dignitaries include Uechi Kanji, John Spencer, Frank Gorman, Raffi Dierderian, and a Shorei Kai Goju school. In THIS particular gathering, Bob will be hosting Peggy Hess. Many of you New Englanders may remember back in the eighties when Peggy came to all our New England gatherings. Now renshi Peggy teaches in the Forida area.

Those who might be in the area and can drop by should contact Bob Kaiser at wkadojo@aol.com.

Hope to see you there. And if not, we'll send pictures.


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Mid-Atlantic Regional Workout

Postby david » Sat Mar 13, 1999 2:33 pm


Sounds the beginning of a great tradition.

Give my regards to Bob K. Haven't seen him since were mere kids.

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Mid-Atlantic Regional Workout

Postby RACastanet » Sun Mar 14, 1999 7:05 pm

Bill san: I believe that the first 'regional' was held two years ago in the old gym. Almost to the day in fact ( March 17, 1997 if memory serves me right). With any luck I should be joining you in DC on the 20th.

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Mid-Atlantic Regional Workout

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Mar 14, 1999 11:30 pm

Please say hello to Peg for me when you see her.

She is a frequent visitor to our Dojo and a welcome one.


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