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Postby The Editor » Fri Apr 30, 1999 7:44 pm

Dr. Glasheen:

You have kindly allowed us to express our concerns and comments upon your forums, particularly with regards to the continued and involved therapy of J.D. As with most fragile psyche, conflicting stimuli can send him into an "extinction burst" much like the African swallow with suddenly start exhibiting automatic behavior, such as preening, when confronted with both threatening and sexual stimuli.

J.D. has started repeating the opening to "Air Supply's" The One that You Love.

This must stop.

With the Hague distracted by the Kosovo crisis we were able to pursue "methods" to elicit the basis of J.D.'s current regression. Indeed, just before he began perseverating, he was found curled up in a corner such that even the pictures of Uma Thurmond in that suit from The Avengers failed to stir him.

It is evident that he suffers from a mass of confused stimuli. With gentle coaxing, empathy, and a tube-sock rammed down his throat, we have determined the source of his confusion. Since crayon does not translate well in this media, allow us to paraphrase.

True Martial Arts:

It appears that a much has been written on this subject. On the one hand, we have individuals calling for a "realistic" viewpoint that eschews the trappings and "dancing" of modern Okinawan karate. We recognize that characterization may be under dispute, but we prefer to leave it at that. J.D. has swallowed the sock and appears on the verge to launch into a Styxx medley.

On the other hand we have those who expose study of kata. While the extremists of this viewpoint may be, to borrow one of J.D.'s derisions, "Lotus Eaters," we agree that most develop themselves mentally in the practice and even martially.

Very well, this difference is not problematic, certainly not enough to force us to listen to Come Sail Away! yet one more time. Some of the "realistic" extremists may totally deride "traditional" karate as many characterize it, but most it seems wish people to recognize that it is through kumite and a realistic mindset that karate remains a martial art and not a Qi Gung Love-Fest.

The Contradiction:

Apparently, some individuals who advocated the "realistic view"--somewhat stringently indeed--have taken a less than appreciative view of some other individuals who have discussed rather severe applications from kata.

Others have weighed in with opinions that the "realistics" are not that "realistic!"

We recognize that this can confuse. J.D.--during the intrumental portions--has wimpered about how it, "all makes my head hurt!" and, "I wish I had had that cup of coffee!"


We respectfully ask that the various factions arrive at some internal consistency and present what they think the purpose of your style and the proper approaches to it are. We conceed that individuals will have personal reasons. We only ask that they provide a coherent description.

Else, we may just give up and drag J.D. to your and their respective dojos--"Captain & Tenneil" retrospective and all.

The Editor
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