Guangdong Shaolin Temple Tiger Boxing

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Guangdong Shaolin Temple Tiger Boxing

Postby BILLY B » Mon Mar 20, 2000 1:34 am

From Patrick McCarthy's translation of the Bubishi:

"...The Uechi-Ryu karate-do tradition tells us Uechi went to Fuzhou in 1897 where he ultimately studied Guangdong Shaolin Temple Tiger Boxing directly under master Zhou Zihe(Shu Shiwa in Japanese)." pg 40.

and previously...

".... Furthermore, Higashionna never received a teaching license in Ryuru Ko's art. This would suggest that Kanryo Sensei not only learned the principles of other styles but also blended them into an eclectic hybrid. Otherwise, the discipline Kanryo Sensei brought back from Fuzhou would have been Second-generation Whooping Crane gongfu or Kojo-ryu. However, such was not the case, and he never used the name Whooping Crane gongfu or Kojo-ryu. In fact, the same can be said of Uechi Kanbun who studied Tiger Fist gongfu under Zhou Zihe(1874-1926): Why did he not call his style second-generation Tiger Fist gongfu?" pg 38.

What is Tiger Fist Gongfu? Why have I not heard that term outside of this book? Is/was pangainoon Tiger Fist or an "eclectic hybrid"?

Why is our system so similar to Gojo and Ryuei-ryu? My understanding is that Miyagi Chojun, Go Kenki, and Kanbun Uechi were contemporaries who influenced each other. I have read of the connection between Miyagi to Go Kenki, and also Uechi to Go Kenki. I am sort of assuming Uechi and Miyagi knew each other. What kata were included in Tiger Fist Gongfu? Suparempei?

Can anyone help out here?
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Re: Guangdong Shaolin Temple Tiger Boxing

Postby sbpnix » Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:12 pm

I was just reading this passage from the bubishi and I had the same questions. So I googled this style of boxing and this post from back in 2000 came up. I'm wondering with the passage of time, does anyone have further information? Very curious.

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Re: Guangdong Shaolin Temple Tiger Boxing

Postby Seizan » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:09 pm

PM for you...
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