BBQ Party from George Mattson

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BBQ Party from George Mattson

Postby JaySal » Mon May 19, 2003 3:12 pm


THis letter is from George Mattson...

I know this is a bad weekend, but before I realized it was Memorial Day
weekend, I had sent out an invitation through the IUKF board and received
quite a few email back, saying they could come!

Although our uniforms have been sent out by air, there is no guarantee that
I'll get them by Friday. Airmail from Pakistan can take weeks, depending on
how Customs treat the goods once it enters the USA.

However, I'm hoping for the best and feel that a last minute tour of the
facility, setting up the rings and sharing a cookout and a few refreshments
might be enjoyable. There is a big outdoor field for kids to play in and as
I have discovered, Memorial Day isn't a big holiday for many.

So. . . I am humbly asking for some assistance in pulling off this last
minute outing:

1. I'll supply the food and drinks. (However, if anyone wants to bring
something, it will be welcomed)

2. Does anyone have a barbeque unit they can bring down, with propane? I
have one, but will need a pickup truck to get it to the Dome.

3. Can anyone bring Ice? I'll bring a couple of large containers.

4. Rings: Can anyone help me set up the rings? I was thinking about using
all three arenas. . . breaking up the kid's event by ages. . . into the
three arenas. Maybe three- four rings in each?? (This is up to Jay and
Allen, but I'd like them to consider this as an option)

5. I've discovered that the Dome does not have a sound system. On Sunday
we will have to discuss options....

6. If anyone has any other suggestions, please communicate.

Time of Outing: Sunday 10:30AM - 2PM.

Hope everyone is OK.

BY the way.... kids' event is doing OK registration wise, but adult event is
getting very little support. No black belts have registered yet!

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