Hand Tools Seminar - April 4 - Orchard Park, NY

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Hand Tools Seminar - April 4 - Orchard Park, NY

Postby Paradigm » Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:03 pm

HAND TOOLS SEMINAR --- April 4, 2004

I will teach a “Hand Tools Seminar” at ECC South Campus Gym, Orchard Park, NY on Sunday April 4th from 2 - 5pm. The seminar will focus on the translation of empty hand self defense techniques to the Filipino Palm/Pocket Stick (Yawara), Kubaton Keychain and the Gunting Tactical Folding Knife.

The palm/pocket stick is a 4” to 6” stick that is used for striking as a fist load as well as from both the ridge hand and hammer-fist positions. The Kubaton Keychain is an extension of the palm stick concept and adds the keys to one end of the stick so that a flail or mini-nunchuck is achieved. In addition to the striking potentials, the Kubaton can also be used to joint lock an opponent. The Gunting Knife is a unique and beautiful development in knife-craft that was created by GM Bram Frank. It is manufactured and distributed by the Spydrco Company. The Gunting can be used as an impact tool like the palm stick. It has joint-locking applications similar to the Kubaton and it is also a cutting tool. The really neat feature of the Gunting is it’s unique opening feature - kinetic opening - meaning that the knife can be opened on and against the body of the opponent.

My current and former students are well aware that I have not taught the use of or endorsed any knife in the past. The Gunting Tactical Folder is different in this sense. It is not an all or nothing tool. It has three levels of usage and I concentrate on the first two, impact and locking. However, the realities of self defense combat do require that the third option be available to those students who want and may need to have that third option if the first two are not feasible.

The doors will be opened at 1:30pm for those who want to use the locker rooms to change before the teaching program gets under way at 2pm. The seminar fee is $35, payable at the door.

For more information and directions to ECC/ South Campus, please contact me via e-mail at <escrima_kenpo@hotmail.com>

Respectfully yours,

Jerome Barber, Ed.D
Paradigm Escrima
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