Thanks to all who made the Mass Challenge a success

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Thanks to all who made the Mass Challenge a success

Postby LenTesta » Mon Mar 29, 2004 1:29 pm

Thanks to everyone who made the Mass Challenge a success. Without the support of these very generous people the event would not have been run so smoothly. I cannot thank everyone enough for the fabulous job that was done.

Thanks to all the KIDS. The support they have given us at each event is tremendous. There is no way this series will ever be able to continue without their enthusiasm. They performed awesomely as always, their determination and perseverance is a testament to every one of their Sensei.

Thanks to the parents who brought their kids into our style of karate. Your confidence in our ability to develop your children is very flattering to all of us. We may not always show it, but we appreciate your support and tireless efforts to get your children to our dojos and these events.

Thanks to the Sensei who supported this event. The only way the kids will come is if each sensei condones the participation. Those of us who put together each event are well aware of the time it takes to make the extra effort to train their students for these competitions. Not only do these following Sensei promote our series to their students, they also attend and support their students at the event. Steve Banchick, Stephen Perry, Mike Murphy, Fred Channell, Alan Azoff, Pat Saunders and Gary Khoury who had a great amount of students attend. A special thanks to Steve Banchick for having the most competitors from his dojo in attendance. Thanks also to Mike Rozumek, Bob Bethoney, Jack Summers, Joe Pomfret, and Tracey Rose for sending students.

Thanks to the coordination team of Jay Salhanick, Alan Azoff and Steve Diorio had (once again) everything running so smoothly I heard absolutely no complaints at all. Sorry to get you up so early in the morning Alan.

Thanks to the referees: Mike Aceto, Jayne Kramer, Alan Frangipane, Ron D'Agostino, Darin Yee, Tom Chamberlin, Fred Channell, Al Kunian, Eugene Griffin, Mike Murphy, Jim Murphy, Don Hersey, Gene DeMambro, Raffi Derderian, Pat Saunders, Norm Abrahamson, Fedele Cacia, Pat Sheehan and George Pantous. A super job was done by all.

A Very Special Thanks goes out to George Pantous for getting up at 5:00 AM to help me set up the rings.

Thanks to our EMT; Jeff Tibnam. The few times he had to come to the rings were fortunately only minor stumbles and bruises. He was always watching out for the safety of the kids.

Thanks to the scorekeepers: Jim Curran, Ed Riggs, and Terry Allen, some of the best students a Sensei could have, took time away from their busy lives to lend a hand even though they had no children of their own at the event. John Holleran, Kevin Delaney, Donald Goodwin, and Andrea Chamberlin got the best seats in the house to watch their children compete although they had to work very hard to get the opportunity. Sorry to John for not getting to see your son Spencer win the gold medal in point fighting because they moved his division into another ring. Next year we will have to try to remember to let the scorekeepers change rings when/if their child does.

Thanks to my staff that made a hectic day go smoothly once again. Without them I would have had a very chaotic day to say the least.

We hope to see everyone come back to the next Mass Challenge Tournament.
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