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Kid's Tournament - Huge Success

PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 6:22 pm
by JaySal
Hello All:

I wanted to congratulate Fred Channel on the success of his first tournament. The event was scheduled originally for January 23rd, however due to the major blizzard we had last week. Fred decided to cancel his tournament for safety reasons, and reschedule it for yesterday. The tournament was a hugh success. Around 125 competitors and double that for spectators all turned out to support the event. Thanks to Lenny Testa and his outstanding coordination efforts. The event ran like clock work. There were no major issues or problems of any kind. The event started around 9:30 AM, and was over by 1:30 PM. I would like to give a very special thank you for all the great IUKF judgers that turned out to help support this great series. I also want give a special recognition and thank you to the none IUKF judgers that all helped in the officiating.

This children’s tournament series is a none political and bipartisan effort to bring together karate practitioners of all Uechi Ryu / Shohei Ryu groups and organizations. It has always been designed with the mind set of. Just getting together and having fun for the kids. Yesterday was a fine example of a bipartisan event. I saw people from many different groups, organizations, and independent instructors alike. All working together, talking and just having a good-old-time.

The Uechi Championship’s, which is the last tournament for the 2005 season is schedule for April 30th. Please watch George Mattson’s web site for additional tournament information relating to this event.

I am very proud of all the officials that judged yesterday. You people did a fantastic job.

Thank you
Jay Salhanick - IUKF Director
Tournament Sanctioning & Referee Certification