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"Golden Fist"

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 1:58 pm
by Mark Kline
Kata Kin Ken (Golden Fist) is a rare and advanced kata.

4 hours of instruction, by 4 of the world's most sought after pressure point instructors.

The kata is broken down in the following manner:

Mark Kline - Grappling
Jim Corn - Striking (over 40 KO's)
Evan Pantazi - Energy work
Gary Rooks - Sound work (Kia-jitsu)

This is the first time this kata (chinese origin) has been filmed and the first time any kata has been broken down in this manner in one place.

Since December of 2004 we have sold 100's.

Only available in DVD (2 DVD set). Will play in Europe.

for more info go to for ordering info and to see video clips.

You can also call me at 732 742 1777 for special pricing.