Mike McGuire’s Tactical Options Course – WOW!!!!!

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Mike McGuire’s Tactical Options Course – WOW!!!!!

Postby Rick Wilson » Mon Sep 19, 2005 5:19 am

Mike McGuire’s Tactical Options Course – WOW!!!!!

Mike McGuire ( http://www.rising-sun.ca/mike_mcguire.htm ) is a Tactical trainer here in Edmonton and he also runs Rising Sun Martial Arts Supplies ( http://www.rising-sun.ca/ ).

If you pop onto his site for seminars ( http://www.rising-sun.ca/events.shtml
) you will find the following note:

September 17 / 18, 2005.

Closed Course for Private Party

Rising Sun Tactical Training Division once again offers our very popular Tactical Options Course. This is an entry level program touching on empty hand combatives, impact and edged weapons, as well as live fire defensive handgun drills. This course is geared towards military, law enforcement, corrections, security, and concerned citizens looking for an entry level reality based personal protection methodology. Watch our events calendar for "open" courses.

That private party was a seminar arranged with Mike for my school. :D

Mike taught a number of times at the spring camp I ran and was a favourite of all the participants. As I was not running my camp anymore I wanted to make sure my students did not stop stepping outside the box (and me too) so I wanted to do a weekend seminar this year at the dojo.

When I gave them a choice they chose Mike’s Tactical Options Course.

It was a great choice! :D

We covered the entire gambit.

Mike opened up with empty hand entries and reactions and had Calen Paine ( http://www.realselfdefensecenter.com/instructors.htm ) there to help and add to the instruction. (Somehow Mike seems to surround himself with the best of the best and Calen was fantastic.)

We Saturday moved on to impact weapons and to folders (acquire and use of tactical folding knives).

Sunday morning we opened up with gun disarms.

And then the cream on the top.

After a well conducted session on firearms and safety and protocol and much more we spent the afternoon at the Phoenix Indoor Range and Gun Shop (http://www.phoenixrange.com/index2 ).

The time and effort Mike has put into firearm training was impressive. This time along with Calen he enlisted Diane ( http://www.rising-sun.ca/diane_cooper.htm ) and Bear (I get the impression Bear prefers to be more anonymous so no last names or web sites :wink: ) to help him out. Two more wonderful and talented people. Their help was greatly appreciated.

Along with being impressed with the skills of these folk, many of my students had never shot before and they learned to respect a firearm and what it can do. (Trust me when I say NO BS is allowed when handling firearms!!!!!) This was very made very clear by the trainers and once they got on the range the students understood why it HAD to be so.

The other thing they discovered about shooting a 9mm is that it is an absolute riot. Folks it is just fun.

Now we were treated to some special enjoyment because with the number of instructors we had, and the fact it was Mike’s tactical course, we got a very very very (did I say very enough) small but cool glimpse of the tactical side.

If you want a rush try walking towards a target as you empty you weapon into it all the while four other folks are doing the same thing beside you.

We also had the pleasure of watching Mike, Bear, Diane and Calen run through a few drills which made what Van has been say for years so very evident about the tactical training required to use a firearm properly. I mean I was working hard just to walk backwards and fire, but these guys were…well doing cool things.

I want to thank Mike, Calen, Bear and Diane for a great weekend.

I highly recommend anyone reading this in the Edmonton area and beyond to take part in this awesome course.

Rick Wilson

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