Seminar In Philadelphia, PA

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Seminar In Philadelphia, PA

Postby AAG » Wed Nov 01, 2006 4:33 pm

Attention traditional Karate enthusiasts:

The Fujian Martial Arts Friendship Society proudly presents a workshop on Fujian fighting traditions that influenced karate. Glimpse into the systems from which Karate developed. Dr. Mark Wiley and special guest Simon Lailey from the UK will teach sessions on Sanchin kata of Five Ancestor Fist, Fujian Tiger Fist, and Fujian White Crane Fist. Everyone is welcome.

Dates: Friday, November 17th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00 PM (1 hour lunch break)
Location: Dr. Mark Wiley's Jing Chuan Kwoon in Philadelphia, PA
Cost: $120 for both days or $80 for one day.

If you pre-register for both days, we will give you a 15% discount ($102). Instructors, if you bring five or more students, your fee will be waived.

From this workshop, you can …
Learn the Sanchin kata (Sanzhan in Mandarin) of several Fujian systems;
See the lost 108 Step form of Uechi Ryu (Suparenpei in Japanese and Yibailingbabu in Mandarin);
Gain drills and forms from the actual systems that you can integrate into your own curriculum;
Learn authentic applications (without borrowing from unrelated arts); and
Receive a Certificate of Attendance from the International Fujian Martial Arts Friendship Society.

The Fujain Martial Arts Friendship Society is a group of teachers and students who want to introduce these unique arts to as large of an audience as possible. The arts from that part of China still retain their regional flavor and are the arts from which Karate evolved. The organization hopes to preserve these fine cultural traditions.

The workshop leaders are leading experts in the US. In addition to 20 years in Okinawan karate, Simon Lailey pioneered researching karate's roots in China's Fujian province. He has spent much time in Asia (2 years in Fuzhou and 5 years in Hong Kong) learning arts such as Whooping White Crane Fist, Fujian Tiger Fist, Fujian Dragon Fist, Dog Fist, and other local traditions. He is a prolific writer of martial arts and Asian culture, having interviewed over a hundred world-class masters. Visit for information about Mr. Lailey.

While Dr. Mark Wiley is known for his ground-breaking research into the Filipino martial arts, he also has a fascination with traditions of Southern China. In addition to practicing Wing Chun and White Crane, he is an indoor disciple of Five Ancestor Fist Master Alex Co. He has authored ten books and countless articles and has served as martial arts editor of Tuttle Publishing and Unique Publications. Dr. Wiley’s unique position in the martial arts world has given him a rare perspective on the arts.

If you are interested, you can register by emailing Dr. Wiley at or calling him at (215) 438-1800. Please visit for information about Dr. Wiley.
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