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The Book

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:05 pm
by RA Miller
This seemed like the closest thing we have to an announcement section. The contract for the book, tentatively titled "The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn: Exploring the Difference Between Violence and the Martial Arts" was signed and mailed off today.

If all goes well, it will be in bookstores next spring (though the title may be different.

A lot of the thinking out loud that made it possible happened here on the Uechi boards, and I will always be grateful.

The Chapter list:

The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn

Introduction: Metaphors The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn
The Priests of Mars
The Super Stars
The Truth: About Me and About Violence
The Format of this Book

Section 1: The Matrix
1.1: The Tactical Matrix Example
1.2: The Violence Matrix

Section 2: How to Think
2.1 Assumptions and Epistemology
2.2 The Power of Assumption
2.3 Common Sources of Knowledge About Violence
2.4 Strategy Training
Sidebar: A quick and dirty guide to not being successfully sued
2.5 Goals in Training
2.6 Thinking in the Moment

Section 3: Violence
3.1 Types of Violence
Sidebar: How Multiple Officers Decrease the Risk of Injury
3.2 The Four Basic Truths of Violent Assault
3.3 The Chemical Cocktail
Sidebar: Shock and Stupidity
3.4 Adapting to the Cocktail
3.5 The Context of Violence
3.6 Violence Happens in Places
3.7 Violence Happens in Time
Sidebar: Hostage Situations
3.8 Violence Happens Between People

Section 4: Threats
4.1 Threats ain’t Normal Folks
4.2 Types of Criminals
Sidebar: The Continuum of Evil
4.3 Special Circumstances: Mental Illness and Drugs
4.4 Rationalizations
4.5 What Makes a Violent Predator

Section 5: Training
5.1 The Flaw in the Drill- Static, Cooperative and Dynamic drills
5.2 Kata as a Training Exercise
5.3 Responses to the Four Basic Truths of Section 3.2
5.4 Operant Conditioning
5.5 Phases

Section 6: Making Physical Defense Work
6.1 Stages of DefenseThe Go Button
6.2 The ‘Go’ Button
6.3 The Golden Rule of Combat
6.4 Effects and Actions
6.5 The Big Three- Awareness, Initiative, Permission
Sidebar: Permission

Section 7: After
7.1 After
7.2 Acute Events
7.3 For Supervisors
7.4 Cumulative Events
Sidebar: Baggage
7.5 Dealing with the Survivor/Student
7.6 Changes
7.7 Enlightenment and Combat


Steven Barnes, a martial artist and best-selling scienfe fiction author has agreed to do the Foreword.

I wanted you all to know as soon as the deal was signed. Thanks for the support, the insight and sharing your wisdom, your questions and your answers.


PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 1:39 pm
by Jake Steinmann

This sounds really cool. I'm looking forward to it coming out.

Congratulations Rory...

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 1:41 pm
by gmattson
Looking forward its publication.


PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 5:42 am
by Rick Wilson
Awesome, Rory -- well done.

Please us know when we can order.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:18 am
by Dana Sheets


PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 10:22 pm
by chef
Huge Congrats, Rory! I, most definitely, want a copy and am sure Bill does too.

Best of luck to you in your book.