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Workout this Friday in Plymouth, MA. . .

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:11 am
by gmattson
An adult get-together will be on Friday, August 7. This event will start at 7pm with a light workout. At 8:30pm we will change back to our street cloths and go into our lounge where there will be a band waiting to play for our enjoyment. I will have munchies for us. If you would like some real food, I will ask the café to stay open for a heavier meal. I am asking for a $10 contribution from each adult but it’s not mandatory.

I would like to do this once a year so the Uechi family can get together in a non competitive situation and enjoy each other’s company in friendship and fun. Please invite your significant other to attend with you as I will hire a band and dancing is a definite possibility.
I will even make deals with neighboring hotels for you if you feel you live too far to drive after a few drinks. We hold many sports events here and have a very good relationship with many of the hotels.

I hope you will support this as we do not get together often enough to know, understand respect each other.
Strength, Honor and Respect,
Darin Yee

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