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2004 Summerfest DVD's - Still Great Stuff

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:50 pm
by Scott Danziger
Back in 2004 I filmed Geroge Mattson's Martial Art Summerfest. We created a 5 DVD set of seminars and instructional classes from different styles. Lately, there has been a renewed interest in these dvd's. "One" (there are more) of the biggest highlights was that of the late kickboxing and karate champion Joe Lewis. He gave 2 OUTSTANDING seminars.
Here is a rundown of the videos we made: (Vol = DVD)

Vol I: Sanchin by the Sea w/G.Mattson (Sensei Mattson has been Teaching karate for over 50 years. He is a pioneer bringing Uechi-Ryu karate over to America in the late '50's and is still teaching today), Karate History w/Robert Hunt, Chinese Man​ Weapons w/Sifu Wong & Darin Yee

Vol II: Pressure Points w/ Jim Maloney, Infighting/Self defense w/ Rory Miller

Vol III: Self Defense w/Alan Lowell, Joint Locks & Knife Techniques w/Raffi Derderian, Uechi Ryu History w/Scott Higa

Vol IV: A Steve Perry workout, Suparempi w/ Bill Glasheen

Vol V: Combat fighting w/ Joe Lewis

Feel free to google the names of these teachers. You will see they are the real deal.

You can get all Five DVD for only $114 or you can order individual DVD's for $25.00 each. As a Free Gift: Order the 5 instructional DVD's and receive a copy of the 2004 Master’s Test. (6 total dvd's) And by the way, these DVD's are filled to capacity.

To order go to The Store at or go straight to the link to order and follow the intructions if you only wish to purchase individual dvds: ... 40c-p.html

The video link below was the Promo video for the camp DVD's we made back then but it gives you a small glimpse of what is on the DVD's. For the price, the material is so well worth it.

Click Here for video:

For more information you can contact Sensei Mattson at

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