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33rd Commemorative Demonstration

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:39 am
by Seizan
This actually concerns a past event, but I guess the best place to ask about it is here...

Did any reader here besides Mattson Sensei actually attend or perform in the 33rd Commemorative Demonstration commemorating Uechi Kanbun Sensei's passing? Can you recall (or did you record) the exact date of that event? I understood it was delayed because of logistics and finances, so it actually took place later than was traditional. But what was the date?

The video is available but there is no indication of the day/month/year of the event. Any firm information on this...?

Mattson Sensei has an original booklet from the event but it's likely buried under tons of other stuff since he moved to Mt. Dora. I think he once posted a copy of the flyleaf with many autographs and well-wishes from participants (or that may have been the 25th Anniversary booklet). Some of those autographs might bear the date of event and signing.