'99 China /Okinawa Trip

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'99 China /Okinawa Trip

Postby gmattson » Sun Nov 08, 1998 3:02 pm

Received the following update from Simon Lailey. Please let us know if you are planning on participating in this trip. GEM
Dear George,
I trust that you are very well these days.
Here is my proposal for the East-bound trip next year. Clearly it is only a rough guide/idea and need s to be discussed with those interested in joining.

Fuzhou/Naha ‘99

For the purpose of research, exploration, knowledge, experience, adventure.

Tentative date: February, subject to the majority preference.

Day #1: Depart NYC for Hongkong. Airfare: $500 r/t
Day #2: Arrive HKG.
Day #3 and Day #4: Hongkong. Here we should allow ample time for securing the China visa (far more easily obtained that doing so from the West!) Whilst we can, in the meantime, meet with some of Hongkong's more interesting martial artists. accommodation/China visa/Training and
interpretaion fees: $150 Day #5 Depart HKG for Naha. Airfare: $200 r/t Day #6 to Day #9: Naha. Accommodation/Research/ training: $200 Day #9: Depart Naha for HKG. Overnight in HKG. Accommodation, etc: $25. Day #10: Depart HKG for Fuzhou. Airfare: $200 r/t
Day #11 to 19: Fuzhou. Accommodation/training and translation fees: $500 Day #19: Return HKG. Overnight stay. Accomm: $25 Day #20: Depart HKG for NYC.

Total cost of this three-week venture: US$1,800 although the budget should be for US$ 2,000.

Please notes that...

All the above-stated monies are in US$ and are to serve as rough estimates.

Right now I am looking into group air ticket fares and group terms for hotel accommodation. Most likely we can somehow look into dojo floors as being a more economical expense.

I will, of course have a clearer picture when I get to speak with those seriously interested in what might realistically be considered a once in a lifetime venture.

If this proposal is way above limits then perhaps we can axe the Naha connection altogether although, from the point of view of research, I do suggest that we don't, and that the Okinawa visit comes first.

Please advise everyone of my other email address:

This is the one that should be used as I am more frequently checking my mail at the >>lailey<< address.

Many thanks, George.

Talk to you soon.

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