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WKF-based Tournament in Worcester, MA

PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 1999 7:51 pm
by Hassell
The A.I.M.A./Kwanmukan of New England will be hosting its annual traditional karate-do tournament on Sunday, February 7th, 1999 at Our Lady of Mercy Centre in Worcester, MA.

We expect this to be our biggest event yet in over 10 years of hosting tournaments in the area.

We also expect to have excellent competition at all levels and at all ages with anywhere from 75 - 100 competitors from the Kwanmukan of New England alone!

We feature the WKF Olympic-style mats for the comfort and safety for the competitors during kobudo, kata and kumite. We will have competitors that have competed successfully at national and international levels under the WKF format.

Please feel free to forward information this on to like-minded individuals and your students. Further details will follow.

Directions and applications will be mailed or can be faxed. Please feel free to contact Eric Rossini, myself, or Shihan DelGarbino with any questions. Cancellation due to inclement weather will be made available 1-2 day(s) in advance.

Regards and Shugyo!!!

Sempai Eric Rossini 2nd Dan
(508) 865-7931 hm
(508) 787-8424 wk

Shihan James Delgarbino 5th Dan
(508) 755-2841 hm
(508) 854-8233 dojo