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Kumite seminar # 2 in Randolph MA

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 1999 12:16 am
by gmattson
Seminar #2

Hi folks!

I'm super-excited about my upcoming seminar at Mike Murphy's dojo in Randolph, MA. In fact, I've had easily TWICE the number of inquiries this time than I did before my first seminar on April 3rd.

Well, for those of you who are attending, here's a set of directions for you (mind you, I'm going for the first time myself, so
please amend these according to your own location and experiences).

Saturday's seminar is being held at Mike Murphy's dojo on Main Street in Randolph, MA.

To get there, take Rte. 128 South to the Rte. 24/95 split.

At the split, take Rte. 24 towards (Randolph/Stoughton). The exit ramp will take you back over the highway and pour you out on Rte 24.

Continue along 24 past the new cinemas there and further until the road forces you to go either left or right.

Go right.

Mike Murphy's dojo is located approximately 150 - 200 yards down on your right hand side. You'll know you're there when you see a Heavenly Donuts shop. The dojo is located alongside MediaOne cable.

Call me (978) 858-0123 or Mike (781) 963-8891 if you need further info.

There's still time to register! Don't miss out!


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