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TV segment on Uechi-ryu.. May 10th & 11th

PostPosted: Sun May 09, 1999 1:27 pm
by gmattson
Khoury’s Karate Academy

540 Main Street
Post Office Box 326
Tewksbury, Ma 01876
Contact: Gary Khoury
Khoury’s Karate Academy
Phone (978) 858-0123
Fax (978) 858-0567
For Immediate Release
Press Release
TV Star Visits Local Karate Academy Celebrity spends a day at Tewksbury karate school
Tewksbury, May 3rd, 1999: Dana Hersey, former host of “The Movie Loft” spent the day recently at Khoury's Karate Academy, 540 Main Street, Tewksbury. The star of local television was there to tape footage form an upcoming “Martial Arts Movie Week” on his new show “The Film Loft” now airing on Boston’s Channel 68.

Hersey and his film crew chose Khoury’s Karate because the school’s owner, Gary Khoury is known throughout the area as the “real Karate Kid”. Mr. Khoury earned the name after living and training with karate masters in Japan and Okinawa for more than 5 years. Today, Khoury runs one of the area’s fastest-growing martial arts schools, teaching his traditional art to more than 200 families each month.

Of his afternoon with the local TV legend, Mr. Khoury said, “Working with Dana was amazing! He has the uncanny ability to walk in and make you feel like you’ve known him for twenty years. He is an excellent guy and we all had a tremendous time!”

The segments shot at Khoury's Karate are scheduled to air on May 10th and 11th during Hesey’s show. Pieces will include interviews between Hersey and Khoury, a traditional karate demonstration performed by Khoury and his staff, and a karate “mini-lesson” in which “Film Loft” host Hersey learned a few karate basics from Khoury, a 4th degree Black Belt.

For further information on this event, please contact Gary Khoury at (978) 858-0123.

TV segment on Uechi-ryu.. May 10th & 11th

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 1999 6:11 pm
by Evan Pantazi
Congratulations Khoury Sensei I hope I can get home in time to watch.

Evan Pantazi

TV segment on Uechi-ryu.. May 10th & 11th

PostPosted: Tue May 11, 1999 1:53 am
by Kevin Mackie
I just caught the segment on tape. Nice piece. Very nice Dojo Gary! Where was the wax, on-wax off part? Image