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All we've got. . .

PostPosted: Wed May 19, 1999 2:33 am
by gjkhoury
Although it needs no more mention, I am compelled to remind everyone that this Saturday is our Uechi-ryu "World Championships".

Place :Royal Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, Marlboro, MA.

Time : All day Saturday, May 22nd.

PLEASE attend this event! It might not truly be a world championship, but for now it really is "all we've got".

The importance of participating in our organization events cannot be understated. The impact it will have on you, your training, your martial development and your standing in Uechi-ryu unfortunately cannot be expressed in words here.

To experience what I and others know about the benefits of tournament competition, you have just simply GOT to attend!

See you there!


Gary J. Khoury

All we've got. . .

PostPosted: Wed May 19, 1999 2:12 pm
by T Rose

Will the finals be held at night? If so, what time and what is the cost of spectator tickets for both day and night?