Russian Masters Seminar in USA

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Russian Masters Seminar in USA

Postby Chance Bradley » Sat Jun 05, 1999 7:34 am

An historic event is on the horizon.
This will be the dawn of Russian Martial Art in America as the world's top 5 Masters of
Russian Martial Art come to USA to conduct a seminar!
Since many of you cannot travel to Russia, we have brought Russia to you!

September 10th - 12th, 1999

Featuring the Russian Gen. Alexander Retuinskih and the Russian Masters

Gen. Alexander Retuinskih, world leader of Russian Martial Art/Combat Sambo Spetsnaz,
will be coming to USA to teach 3 day survival seminar. Fee includes Opening and Closing
Ceremonies and registrations materials, 12 hours of training, accomodations (camping) and
board (essentials). Training will be grueling and vigorous, so please be prepared. Conditions
will be spartan and harsh. You must bring training knife, training quarterstaff, grappling
jacket (can be heavy material military ,blouse, sambo kurtka or judo gi), durable clothing,
running shoes, mess kit (utensils, mug and bowl), and sleeping gear. There will be no
shower facilities and an outdoor latrine will be provided. Airport shuttle will be provided from
Philadelphia airport Friday and Sunday evening. Gen. Retuinskih will be assisted by other
famous Russian Masters such as "The Legend of the Spetsnaz" Alexander Kistin, Head
Trainer of Minsk's Al'fa Units of Byelorus, Vice-president of the RFRMA, President of the
Byelorus Annex to the RFRMA, the international category ROSS instructors - The
BROTHERS SHISHKIN. This will be like no other seminar ever held in America... Perhaps
like none ever held again... We invite you to participate in history. Famous Russian General
teaches Americans the ancient art of Russian Combat in America.

This seminar is admitting only 50 people maximum, and only 11 seats remain. No more than
two persons from any organization ,due to demand. The fee will be $299. There will be a
mandatory $100 deposit due NO LATER than ,July 15th (non-refundable) and the balance
due by September 1st. A waiting list is being created for 10 extra people in the event of

Contact AARMACS, Inc. Registration Dept. at, or
if you have any questions, call Nikolay Travkin, AARMACS President at 770-804-9315.

Enthusiasts from around the world will be present for this history-making event.,

General Alexander Ivanovich Retuinskih:
President of the All-Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art ( -
endorsed and
sanctioned by the Russian Olympic Committee as the official representative of Russian
Martial Art within Russia and Worldwide;,
Vice-chairman of the International Combat Sambo Commission for FIAS (International
Amateur Sambo Federation),
Deputy-chairman of the Russian Combat Sambo Committee for the All-Russian Sambo
General Director of RETAL (Russian Combat Skill Consultant Scientific Practical Training
General of the Cossack military, Chief of Dept of Hand to Hand Combat,
knighted Duke by Imperial Russian Regency,
Master of Sports in Sambo and Judo,
Founder of ROSS Training System,
Inductee into International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, World Head of Family Sokeship
Council as World Leader of Russian Martial Art
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