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WKF training in Nova Scotia

PostPosted: Sun Jun 06, 1999 1:40 pm
by gmattson
I received this e-mail yesterday. GEM

Mr. Mattson

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of your tournament and hope to continue to be of assistance in the future. We have discussed the tournament on the trip home and we all agreed that it was a very positive experience for all involved. We also would like to hold a referee clinic in Dartmouth at our Dojo designed specifically for any one wishing to learn more about the W.K.F. rules. In the past only Nova
Scotia Karate Assoc. members were allowed to attend this, but with your permission we would like to extend the invitation to all Uechi-ryu members.

The tentative date we have set is June 20th 1999, at our Dojo in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. We would try to assist any one who would wish to travel in from outside the area with some form of lodging.

Hope to hear from you soon

Steven Boudreau.
p.s. as in Boston I was able to visit with Dave Hunt this evening an the Uechi hospitality was ever present.