Awesome NE Regional Workout!

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Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby Steve » Sat Jun 26, 1999 11:10 pm

Sensei T. Rose - thank you for hosting today's inagural NE regional workout. By all measures, it was an overwhelming success! Uechi-ryu, Shohei-ryu - all showed up, checked their political biases at the door and we had a great two hour session.

Ranks from jukyu to hanshi sei (kudan) on the floor having fun trying to keep up with your exercise pace (as if anyone could Image), teaching each other and breaking down barriers.

Can't say for certain how many people were there, only that the gym was full and that there were 15 of us in the white-belt group lead by Sensei Steve - who did an excellent job of teaching us the fundamentals of Kanshiwa.

Thank you for delivering what you promised - an event that those of us in attendance will not soon forget. Thank's to Sensei's Mattson, Canna, Moulton, Khoury et al. who attended, participated and made the two hours pass much too quickly.

I eagerly await the second NE regional workout and will make certain that more of my classmates attend!

D. Steven White

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Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby Van Canna » Sat Jun 26, 1999 11:47 pm

Awesome event ...Tracy-san -you can sure deliver ...the success of the occasion is a reflection of the respect you command among our finest !

Thank you ,

Van Canna

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby mikemurphy » Sun Jun 27, 1999 2:09 am


I throw my kudos in to you as well. My students and I had a great time. I was also glad to see so many people there working out in the humid New England weather.

As I said to you upon leaving, I will find about hosting the Second Regional Workout in October (a good time between the Summer Camp and the Regional Test in November). I think the best way to run these workouts is to have them in different regions so that everyone has a chance to particpate (i.e. your's in the West, Mine in the South, and the next one after that up North). What do you think?

Also, and publically, I wanted to thank and commend you on using the money for the workout fee as a fund for future workouts. This is an exceptional precident to begin; one which I will certainly continue. This may be something you would have done regardless, but by making it public, you take away any second-guessing and scuttlebutt from all those who wish to see the Uechi world in a million different factions. I applaud you!

I'll see to solidifying a date by the summer camp so that we can begin to promote the event.

Thanks again to all those who attended and to all those who helped out!

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Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby Allen M. » Sun Jun 27, 1999 1:09 pm

I personally wish to thank you, Tracy Rose, and also the electricity of Gary Khoury, for turning yesterday's dream into today's reality and into a huge success. I suspect after how everyone enjoyed yesterday's activities are known and the comraderie and new-found friendships become known, many more Uechika from all over will be looking forward to attending the next one. Check out the writeup and pictures in the <font color=red>American Uechi-ryu Forum's Pulse.</font>

One small first step in the direction of bringing people together in friendship has been accomplished.

Allen - [email]"></A> - <A HREF="[/email]

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Allen M.

Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby Brian MacDonald » Sun Jun 27, 1999 8:58 pm

Sensei Rose,

I as well would like to express my thanks to you for running such a successful event. What an incredible workout!!! Also many thanks to Mattson Sensei and Gary Khoury Sensei for their expert help on kata and sparring.

It looks as though you have created a monster Image judging by the turnout...I for one will be at the next one. Definitely a big step in breaking down the barriers between our Uechi brethren...I know I must've met 15 or 20 new faces...hopefully I can remember them all at the next one!!!

Also was refreshing to see so many people come TO WORK OUT regardless of rank and affiliation!!!

Brian MacDonald
UMASS Boston Dojo
Brian MacDonald
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Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby gjkhoury » Mon Jun 28, 1999 7:32 pm

To Tracy-sensei, the teachers in attendance and the other enthralled students like myself who attended Saturdays Landmark event:




In appreciation,


Gary J. Khoury
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Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby david » Mon Jun 28, 1999 11:46 pm

Okay... I'm jealous... Image Next one!

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Awesome NE Regional Workout!

Postby Bill Glasheen » Tue Jun 29, 1999 2:45 pm

Hey Tracy, when do the Mid-Atlantic gang and myself get the royalty check? Someone told me to stop by quickly and get my cut before everyone spent the dough. After all, it's hotter down here and we run big bar tabs.

But seriously....glad to see a good idea take hold of good people. Now that you folks understand how much fun it can be, how about a little cross-region travel? Think about it.

I already have a committment from Khoury-san for when we can arrange it. Hopefully we'll see more of the core group.

And make sure the Bosox are in the running in October. If so, I'm coming on up for the next one. Better yet, make sure they kick the butts of those what's-is-names from the Bronx.

- Bill
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