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Postby gmattson » Mon Jul 05, 1999 5:12 am


Just a short email to remind anyone who may be interested that Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy will be arriving in Reading this week and will be staying with us over a week. Based on his previous visit, I expect this one to
also be non-stop with a lot of mutual training, discussion, eating (no one ever mentioned that McCarthy is a master of food consumption as well!), and more training.

Our 1999 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING will be held this weekend (9-11th) and it is coming together as another excellent training. This year we are hosting eight (8) of the top traditional instructors around, all of who have the same passion to share their knowledge and work together - just what
traditional martial arts should be about. This years Instructors include:

o Hanshi Nick Adler, Isshin-ryu
o Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Okinawa Kenpo
o Kyoshi Chuck Merriman, Goju-ryu
o Kyohsi Jody Paul, Shorinji-ryu Kempo / Seidokan
o Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy, Koryu Uchinadi
o Shihan Miguel Ibarra, Aikijujitsu
o Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman, Okinawa Kenpo
o Kyoshi Bobbi Snyder, Shorin-ryu

By the way - this is the 15th year of such Annual Trainings held here at Reading, Pa. - boy does the time fly.

If anyone desires to find out more about the IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING, just check out our web page ("").

Hope everyone had a great Holiday.

Take care.


C. Bruce Heilman
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Reading, Pa. USA
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