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Uechi-ryu Koshukai '99 in Germany

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 1999 1:35 pm
by gmattson
Dear Mr. Mattson!

I address you today on behalf of our Uechi Ryu Koshukai '99 in Germany. You and some other Uechi Ryu Senseis in the US (those of whom we had addresses) should have received an info flyer and registration forms, so
this is meant to remind you of our event.

During the week from 2nd to 7th of August 1999 we are holding a Koshukai in Bad Kissingen/Germany (about 2 hrs from Frankfurt) which will feature Kata, Kumite, Bunkai and Kobudo training.

We are proud that we were able to win Senseis Kiyohide Shinjo (8.Dan) and Narahiro Shinjo (6.Dan) from Okinawa and Sensei Alan Dollar (6.Dan) from the US to teach us.

The Koshukai is organised by my Sensei Andreas Haberzettl (4.Dan). There will be several different training sessions each day. On Saturday the 7th of August a public demonstration will be followed by a

Participation is possible for the whole week (180,-DEM for Dan; 150,-DEM for Kyu ranks) or for chosen days only.

We would be most grateful if you could spread this information among your students and perhaps mention the Koshukai on your
Uechi Ryu Online Magazine. We would be glad to welcome you in Bad Kissingen.

For further information you can contact me :
Oliver Angerer
Grombuehlstr. 51
97080 W├╝rzburg
Tel. -(49)-931-26270
E-Mail :

Yours ,
Oliver Angerer!