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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 1999 10:47 pm
by Van Canna
Just back from a fantastic summer camp in Halifax Nova Scotia hosted by David and Joanne Hunt ! We had a crowd of well behaved, eager to learn karate-ka , superb accommodations in the quaint Dalhousie University and a terrific , lots of hard work and lots of parties ! The instruction was superb , especially by the Chito Ryu group represented by O'Sensei Tsuroka and sensei Ron Fagan who emphasized body mechanics applicable to all systems ! And the camaraderie and new found friends were a real treat ! Look forward to camp 2000 ! Thank you Joanne and David !

Van Canna


PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 1999 7:29 pm
by Robert Christianson
Sensei Canna thank you so much for coming to Halifax for the Training Camp. I had the opportunity to take classes from Sensei’s Mattson, Rabesa, Wilder and Bethoney. What a positive experience; a big vote of thanks goes to Joanne and David Hunt for organizing such a wonderful camp.

Bob Christianson


PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 1999 8:23 pm
by natalie lane
I would like to chime in with my thanks to Joanne and Dave Hunt, for hosting such a fun and educating camp.

Thanks also to all you seniors who traveled to Nova Scotia: Sensei’s Mattson, Bethoney, Canna, Wilder and Rabesa. Everyone helped make the camp a special experience.

Since I study both Uechi and Tsuruoka, I was happy to see Sensei Ron Fagan, and Tsuruoka Sensei at camp. O’Sensei founded his own style in Canada in 1958, and his students named it Tsuruoka to honor him. If anyone is interested in learning more about O’Sensei, there is a bio on him at this address-

Natalie Lane