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Kyusho and Knives

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 1999 2:47 pm
by Evan Pantazi
This will be a Common Sense approach to Knife Defense using Kyusho and Uechi Kata.

Some of you pmay have participated in the brief Knife course at Summer Camp this year. This will be a continuation of that seminar, rigorous workout and a look at the mechanics and anatomical probabilities of this type attack.  It will include a single concept for the defense that will be worked from 12 angles of this type of attack. Taught by Evan Pantazi.

Mattson, Canna and Bethony Sensei's please accept an open invitation for my gratitude of all hospitality, knowledge and time you have alloted me over the years.

Friday August 20th   7 - 9 pm    $25.00
at the American School Kara-Te
(978) 686 - 0025

NEW LOCATION see directions:

From Route 93 Take Exit 41 (Rt. 125) toward North Andover.
Follow Route 125 approximately 7 miles to the end. ( Route 114)
Take that Left at the Osco Drug Store set of lights.
Take a Right at the next set of lights at the Bertuccis intersection.
Go 3 lights to an intersection of Main Street (Big School on left).
Take this Left and follow through residential area into Town.
Bear Left at bend then First Right Then bear Left into Parking Lot.
Go around to the front of the Brick Building (name is on the door).

Yours in the Arts,
Evan Pantazi
American School Kara-Te:
(978)  686 - 0025

Evan Pantazi

Kyusho and Knives

PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 1999 3:58 am
by Van Canna
Thanks Evan-san; I will try to be there for sure!

Van Canna

Kyusho and Knives

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 1999 5:12 am
by Evan Pantazi
It's this Friday for those of you that are interested, description and Directions above.

This is not only a session that relates to knives but some realities we sometimes over look.

Example: Sanchin is the standing Fetal Position that is innate in all humans, what must be done is to work within this parameter and link in other innate occurances like loss of periferal vision and/or fine motor functions.....

Evan Pantazi