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Uechi-Ryu West Workout

PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2000 12:43 am
by Robb in Sacramento
Thanks to Mehran Shahkar for hosting visitors from Sacramento at his dojo in El Sobrante for a Uechi-Ryu West workout this past Saturday. The other instructors involved, Dave Sargent (were you really around during the Hoover administration?), Henry Thom, John Filepe, and Pablo Villegas, shared graciously of there experience and insight. Mr. Shahkar's focus on proper breathing was most welcome, as was his feedback on Sanchin. And, while I am not sure I could survive another of Mr. Shahkar's stretching sessions, I hope, as do the others from Sacramento who attended with me, that we are again invited back to train with this fine group.

Those interested in learning more about the Uechi-Ryu West instructors should check out their website at