Seminar Series #2

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Seminar Series #2

Postby David Kahn » Tue Apr 11, 2000 5:42 am

Chicago Uechi-ryu Karate had the pleasure of hosting the second installment of its new Seminar Series. Special Guest Senseis George Mattson & Richard Baptista traveled to Chicago to conduct a two day seminar in conjunction with a Dan Test for seven of our students.

Sensei Mattson's seminars were eye-opening to say the least. While his emphasis on the "basics" may seem to encompass "white belt" material, the room full of Black Belts soaked up the information like sponges, and worked to translate the concepts into their own advanced training. All of the discussion afterwards produced the same comments: "WOW!"; "I never thought of Kata that way."; "That's what my form is missing."; "How long has it been since I've thought about that?"

I must encourage all of you teachers out there to arrange to have other instructors visit your school for some seminar time. No one conducts a seminar like sensei Mattson; he's a good and valuable resource, so take advantege of him--NOW!

Since beginning this semianr series, our students have shown considerable improvement, as well as gained new motivation in their training. We already have our next seminar instructors scheduled (quarterly) well into 2001. If anyone would like to discuss with me our seminar series process in order to begin your own series for your students, please feel free to contact me. Your students will thank you!

David Kahn

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