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Sayoc Kali Seminar/Manchester, NH.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2000 10:43 am
by david
A little late, but still several days left to get the discount:

>>I hope you can make this seminar. As an incentive I am offering a group rate
for 3 people $55.00 ea, and for 5 or more $50.0 eac. The seminar information

Steve L.

Sayoc Kali the Art of the Blade

Come and join us for another rare event, Sayoc Kali will be presented by,
Tuhon Chris Sayoc and family. The head of the Sayoc Kali system will be
sharing his art with all participants. Don’t miss the opportunity to train
with this notable Kali Master.

Tuhon Chris Sayoc of Sayoc Kali is a man who has been involved with the
Filipino martial arts since he was a young child. His family art of using
the blade has been passed down through 4 generations with a heavy influence
on the art, from both his paternal and maternal grandfathers. While Chris
Sayoc was fortunate to have encountered and trained with many masters of the
Filipino martial arts, today, he focuses strictly on promoting his own
family system.

Seminar Information

Date: November 18th
Time: 12:00pm – 5:00 pm
Location: Bujinkan Dojo
250 Commercial St, Suite 2004
Manchester, NH, 03101
For more information: (603) 668-3181

Cost: $60.00 prepaid before 11/1/00
$75.00 after 11/1/00
(At the door cash only)
“Cash or Money orders only”
(Made out to Steven Lefebvre)<<

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Sayoc Kali Seminar/Manchester, NH.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2000 1:03 am
by david
Just got back in from the seminar. It was pretty good. It was less than excellent because of the overwhelming amount of stuff that I'll never remember on my own. And since I went on my own...

Two things I left with include the concept of non linear attacks which makes fighting empty hand against a blade harder, as if it ain't hard enough; and, second, I left with a dislocated finger. The last half hour of the seminar, participants paired off and took turns defending against freestyle knife attacks. As a freestyle junkie, I loved this part of the seminar because it was time to test and see in real time. Of course, most of the defenders got killed. But even here, it's learning experience about what has a possibility of working and what doesn't. What definitely doesn't work is just trying to grab the blade hand. Parry and strike at almost the same time, providing a bad move by the attacker, then step up close and personal seems offer the only chance of surviving. In there, it becomes a grappling match. At least you know that the knife can only be on one side of the body. There you still have to watch out for knife hand switches and or a second blade. Image

It's always better to work out with someone accessible to you regularly, like a Raffi for some of us on the East Coast. Still, attending a seminar gives a different perspective if not something new. Turns out Tuhon Chris Sayoc is east coast by the way of Penn. He does periodic seminars on the east coast. Definitely worth catching one of his if you can. His is a family art going back five generations. Count the years... Means the art's been recently tested, as Tuhon stated, through the blood of his family members.

I give it 9 digits up. The last one is, unfortunately, turned sideways.


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