A Camp in Edmonton!!!!

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A Camp in Edmonton!!!!

Postby Rick Wilson » Sat Nov 11, 2000 10:11 am

The first ever
"Spring into Action"
2001 Martial Arts Camp


6:00 p.m. Friday April 27, 2001
4:00 p.m. Sunday April 29, 2001

Lodging provided!
Meals Provided!
Swimming pool and hot tub!
Multiple Instructors!
Hours of Seminars!

Only $265 (Cdn) for the entire package when
registering before February 16, 2001!
($295.00 for registrations after February 16, 2001)

Hosted by Wilson Karate School

Go to http://www.wilsonkarate.com for all the information


PS Prices are in Canadian dollars folks.
Rick Wilson

A Camp in Edmonton!!!!

Postby Rick Wilson » Tue Dec 05, 2000 7:48 am

Instructors confirmed:

David Elkins Sandan Uechi Ryu, American Knife Concepts, Combat Cane. David is travelling all the way to gift us with a seminar on Bowie Knife fighting. (They just don't make em any better than David.)

Tony Fell Godan Shohei Ryu 20th Generation Chen Taiji. Tony will be teaching four quick and direct responses to typical street attacks.

David Chow Sandan Uechi Ryu. Dave will be teaching four drills to improve evasion and movement in response to four typical street attacks.

Rick Bottomley Nidan Uechi Ryu 20th Generation Chen Taiji. Rick will be teaching how to Strike Hard and understand how the Force Equation works to improve striking. (Trust me Rick can hit!)

Rick Wilson Sandan Uechi Ryu. I will be teaching two seminars. One will be on the Response Principle -- A direct method to get from surprise attack to your martial training. The other is on Unarmed Defense against a knife. This is a simple direct progressive destruction approach.

Manuel Desa Yondan Shohei Ryu. Seminar topic TBA.

We believe we will have Mr. Carrey Burgette TKD. Mr. Burgette will be teaching the self defense aspects of TKD.

We also hope to have a Ketto Ryu JuJusu representative teaching ground grappling and another teaching FMA knife fighting. Hopefully I will also be announcing their names, the Wing Chun and Taiji instructors, and one final guest instructor soon.

Rick Wilson

A Camp in Edmonton!!!!

Postby gmattson » Tue Dec 05, 2000 2:16 pm

Good luck Rick!

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A Camp in Edmonton!!!!

Postby Rick Wilson » Thu Mar 15, 2001 7:29 am

Thanks George Sensei for the well wishes.

The Instructors for the camp have been finalized:

¨ David Elkins from Roseburg OR, USA (Uechi Ryu, American Knife Concepts, Combat Cane)
Seminar: David will be presenting a unique seminar on Bowie Knife fighting. Learn the basics of this Legendary North American blade.

¨ Joseph Chen (Chen Taiji / Tai Chi)
Seminar: Joseph Chen is a well known Chen Taiji practitioner and excellent martial artist who has been featured in Tai Chi Magazine.

¨ Rick Wilson (Uechi Ryu Karate)
Seminar: Rick will be presenting two different seminars. Unarmed defense against edged weapons (a simple, direct approach) , and the response principle (instinctive responses to a surprise attack). Rick will also be given a half hour presentation on Legal and Moral Self Defense.

¨ Tony Fell (Shohei Ryu Karate and Chen Taiji)
Seminar: Distinct and effective reactions to four common street attacks.

¨ Rick Bottomley (Uechi Ryu Karate and Chen Taiji)
Seminar: Rick will be covering the force equation and how to make it work. Stopping that adrenaline pumped attacker requires most powerful strikes you can deliver.

¨ Pierre Lautischer (Chief Instructor Ketto Ryu Ju-Jutsu)
Seminar: Ground fighting seminar. Whether you choose to fight on the ground or not you must know what it is all about if you end up there.

¨ Bill Poon (Ketto Ryu Ju-Jutsu, Filipino Martial Arts)
Seminar: This seminar will deal with the use of edged weapons from the perspective of the Filipino Martial Arts. FMA are known for their expert use of the knife.

¨ David Chow (Uechi Ryu Karate)
Seminar: Four effective drills to work evasion and reaction in responding to attacks.

¨ Manuel Desa (Shohei Ryu Karate)
Seminar: TBA

¨ Cary Burgett (Tae Kwon Do)
Seminar: Most people are only familiar with Olympic TKD, come and learn how it is used for effective self defence.

¨ Trevor Tessier (Ketto Ryu Ju-Jutsu)
Seminar: There are times when the appropriate response is to control the aggressor. Trevor will be covering Locks and restrains from a stand up position.
Rick Wilson

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