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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2001 5:02 am
by Evan Pantazi
This is the last day to preregister (for the discounted price) for the Dillman Kyusho Camp Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 2, 3 & 4th 2001! After will be at door price only.

To do this you must register online at: Dillman Kyusho Camp Registration - Click Here!

You will see Pressure points used in all methods of combat from Joint Manipulation to Ground Fighting, Advanced Striking to Energy Projection, Chi Gong, Healing and amazing deomnstrations of Kyusho Jitsu KO's...Multiple Moving against 6 continuous Attacks, Ground Fighting and No touch KO's...yes even from a moving target!

And from your Katas!

Evan Pantazi