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Sifu Kwong Wing Lam NINE PROVINCE STAFF in NYC March 23 & 24

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2001 6:16 pm
by Artemis
Staff training, once a battlefield skill, offers benefits to rival the best modern day workout. Known as the "Father of all weapons," staff is indispensable for weapons training because all other weapon techniques have variations of staff fundamentals. This Shaolin Staff set was famous across nine different provinces of China for its devastating techniques.

This hands-on workshop will cover: Warm-ups, Grips, Basic Manipulations, Stancework, Strikes, Blocks, Applications to Self-Defence, and Complete Form. Staves (6' red oak) provided for use or purchase. All levels, newcomer to advanced, are welcome. For more information please contact: Artemis Seminars at (718) 399-1574 or or