Jay Salhanick’s - Specialized Training

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Jay Salhanick’s - Specialized Training

Postby Jay Sal » Thu Aug 29, 2002 6:03 pm

Jay Salhanick’s - Specialized Training Class

Starting in September I will be teaching a very specialized and focused training class.
The class will be limited to only “15” people. At this time there are 13 people accepted into the class, leaving only 2 open spots. The class will be held “Once-a-month” , at Lenny Testa’s Dojo, (BUKA), located in Brockton Ma. The design of the class will be to focus on, in addition to learning & understanding to a very high level, either Bob Campbell’s “Timing Hand” Self Defense Concept, or to learn Martial Art Weapon’s. The training will be slow, and methodical… This will NOT be a “Bada---Bing --- Bada--- Bam”,,, learn a few movements class with no understanding of what is taking place… The student’s accepted into the class are expected to attend all classes, baring illness or another major commitment…

General Information:

1. Timing Hands:
To quote Sensei Bob Campbell on “Timing Hands” …
"Timing Hands" (T.H.) is beautifully simple…. The reality is that the defender has brought the reaction of a powerful counter attack right to the center of the aggressors body, and face….. – Bob Campbell…

1. T.H. is a methodology of bringing maximum power & concentration focus directly at one target on the aggressors body or face, with only having one goal in mind…. Totally neutralizing the aggressor… Exerting maximum power with minimal effort…
2. T. H. utilizes the most basic & direct means of closing the gap of danger to ones self by utilizing the body’s natural shape & configuration using applied mechanical and physical reinforced leverage concepts of the body
3. T.H. is simply a methodology of Uechi-Ryu and other Martial Art techniques that are based on the proven fact that (1 + 1 is greater then one)
4. T.H. utilizes ones own arms, legs, and hands, to support ones other hand, or leg, in a coordinated application, that will result in , Knock-Out-Power, along with powerful striking force against a larger, and sometimes stronger opponents . One of the beauties of the T.H. concept is ,, it can be learned and used by students of any level…. Even Non- Martial Artists….
5. T.H. was designed by Bob Campbell to be best utilized in close or extremely close quarters, and against multiple attackers…

Note: Once an Instructor learns the total T.H. concept… They can design their own self defense program for men, women and children,, all around the T.H. concepts….

2. Weapons:
1. I do not always teach an established weapons form.
2. I teach the person all the movements that are associated with that weapon...
3. I design an individualized weapons form that is "Custom Designed" uniquely to that specific persons, height,,, weight,,,, and body structure, and most importantly,,, their physical ability...
By this custom designed weapons form, I blend and mix the martial art weapon, to its user,,, Its a perfect match... The mixing of Mind - Body - & Sprite,, into one...

Note: If I feel its right, I may teach some people, two person sets with the weapons.
Example: Spear against the three sectional,,,, Sai against the spear,,,,, Bo against Bo,,,,,

Weapons Selection: Bo,,, Sai,,, Tonfa,,,, Spear,,,, Three sectional,,,, Northern Hook Swords,,,, Southern Hook Swords,,,,, Quan-Do,,,, Kama's,,,, Nunchaku,, Single Chinese Sword, Double Chinese Sword,,, Broad Sword,,, Butterfly Sword's.... ( Student supply’s own weapon )

Class Guidelines:
Dates & Times are subject to change
· Class will be held on a Saturday (9:30 am – 11:30 am) once a month on the following dates:
1. September 21st 2002
2. October 12th 2002
3. November 16th 2002
4. December 14th 2002
5. January 11th 2003
6. February 8th 2003
7. March 8th 2003
8. April 12th 2003
9. May 10th 2003
10. June 14th 2003
11. July 12th 2003
12. August 23rd 2003

·Cost: $20 per class
·Attire: Full Gi & Belt
·Course: Student selects one - Either ( Timing Hands – Weapons )
·Weapons: Students learning weapons, must supply their own weapon .
·Timing Hand: Students learning (T.H.) May want to invest in a chest protector (Hockey type)

If you have interest in one of the two openings, or I can answer any questions..
please contact me at: jaysal@attbi.com

Thank you
Jay Salhanick – 6th dan

[This message has been edited by Jay Sal (edited August 29, 2002).]

[This message has been edited by Jay Sal (edited August 29, 2002).]
Jay Sal

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