Everything But the Clothes off My Back.

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Everything But the Clothes off My Back.

Postby Deep Sea » Sat Apr 12, 2003 7:35 am

I recently completed a two-year contract designing and implementting, in C++, a formidable radar surveillance fence system, survived three major layoffs by this company during that time, but didn't make it through the fourth [project is winding down] and now it's time to move on.

Unable to find suitable employment in the Boston area [we're in a depression/recession] I started a nation-wide search yesterday and am preparing to move anywhere I am asked. Therefore need to sell most of my worldly possessions to be able to pack all my remaining belongings into a sea bag and go. Actually I'll throw away anything that doesh't fit into the back of my pickup truck.

As a person of simple tastes and desires, I don't have much of anything except several guitars, a few computers and spare parts. But the main thrust of this announcement is to state that I do have several karate items like slightly used kids uniforms for 5 bux apiece, a couple of size 5 uniforms in top shape for 10, little square punching pads, a large kicking shield, the Tital Wave kicking bag, and a couple of boxfulls of martial arts videos that I would like to sell to lighten my load and reduce the volume ithat the load occupies.
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