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Tomoyose Sensei

Postby gmattson » Thu Jul 26, 2001 4:18 pm

Wow!!! Last night and all morning, Tomoyose Sensei and I were reviewing the internet forums and talking about the threads concerning the old ways of Kanbun. Talk about someone getting real excited! Tommy talked about his experiences with Kanbun Sensei and confirmed lots of the information presented here. He also expanded on the terms and meaning of the terms as it relates to self defense.

You simply must know the right questions to prode one's memory and open a flood gate of information. Tomoyose sensei will be open to any and all questions Friday evening in the Conference Center. Come prepared with your questions.

One important point that Tommy made regarding Kanbun's philosophy: "Never speak badly about another person or style!" I wish we could all at least adopt this one "old way"!

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