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puzzle search mode

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 12:14 am
by maxwell ainley
On the other thread we looked at highlighted features that are foundational and beyond .
Now we know there is a puzzle invloved in uechi-ryu learning ,from the very small puzzle peice up to the big puzzle picture .I always have found the idea of puzzle learning to be interesting and very stimulating ,but if attempted pre-mature can lead to no real results ,and levels of frustration can set in ,mostly if we want answers and they just will not appear .

I realized a long time ago we need search tools ,these search tools were always being developed in the foundation ,one search tool I made use of years ago was the ability to wait and watch ,the ability to wait opens up many fronts in learning ,quite simply we live in more of the present moment .
And when we are in present moment mode for longer timescales we truly are in a advantaged position ,but like most things in learning you can have a quality but only use it now and again ,no real direction for its use as emerged .
As human beings we possess all the requirements for evolving ,but the snag is they are undeveloped in lots of ways .So what link can waiting and watching have in common with both puzzle learning and evolving .

Solving a puzzle we evolve in degrees ,but only when we see evolving as a aim ,the ability to wait can open up many fronts at once ,but increased skill would be needed to carry out puzzle work on many fronts at once .Possibilites are in abundance when we make use of waiting and watching in the present moment .


PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 3:14 am
by maxwell ainley
A talk.
Student ,This movement of seisan seems to have stimulated and created a new vision of what the foundation entailed prior to the introduction of seisan ?

Ans, Yes it can come across in the manner mentioned ,this is a specific reason why the foundation needs to be highly worked upon ,and within the structure of your foundation there as been a seed element of watching and waiting present ,this watchfullness can now hold that puzzle move and hold it in relationship to the foundation ,this is directional for watchfullness .
Your main task now is to keep that puzzle peice in one hand and don't drop it ,you will have already noticed that the workout is divided in to two elements .To do justice to the foundation we must further re-inforce and not get swept away in seisan or other things ,everything in good time .
You already know and realize my instructions are mostly non verbal ,these talks confirm mostly what you know ,and not things that are too pre-mature.There are different types of foundation our old masters wanted a longer type of foundation study ,but they as we know always did not give too much back up knowledge why .

It will become more obvious why it was a long foundation when you constantly have to keep that puzzle peice from dropping ,because your foundation is strong ,you arn't having to much problem at the moment but things will change .


PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 12:38 pm
by maxwell ainley
I split sanchin into sequences for a two hr just sanchin workout say for some one who is on with that part of the process .Or we can do total full sanchins ,or a mix workout between the two methods .
A new student will be on with just one motion for the two hr sanchin or if they only can fit in a certain time thats okay ,these days I attempt to be a bit more flexible with time ,were I had fixed times and more or less wanted a doctors note for not coming ,some fexiblity is needed .
I find just doing total sanchins all the time have benifits ,but lots of single motion work balances up any observational defects that can creep in.

So for the seisan student the puzzle peice is a forewards sight ,a back sight sends impressions learned backwards to sanchin either full kata,or sequenced motions ,or a mix .
We are still very close to sanchin the foundation ,there is a stratergy behind not moving to quickly away from sanchin .

In another talk .we discuss why we don't move too far or quickly .


PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2003 11:14 pm
by maxwell ainley
Search mode seems to appear sooner in some than others ,plus some never really get into anything like search mode at all ,and some students I have encountered across a range of styles ,think the instructor /or teacher should provide everything that search mode can offer .

When I teach that first puzzle piece ,the student may see things quite different than say what I did ,my first attempt .So I let it be ,and until a bunkai is introduced ,I stick to the motions .
I have a few options either build up to the full siesan before introducing a bunkai ,or or build the bunkai with each sequance , or introduce once sections of seisan have been well learnt .
I introduce arm rubbing and kotecketai within those options mentioned ,to link into the bunkai piece .

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2003 6:52 pm
by maxwell ainley
In my notes from years ago ,instead of going application orientated at first in seisan I attempted to connect one movement ,for this topic I will call it no1 movement of thirteen .
I held that movement firmly within a set of pinchers in my mind , with this vow until that movement connects back into sanchin there can be no rest ,I was aware of my singular attitude at the time ,more in terms of doing than writing essays on the subject .
I also was quite aware I could stay in one area of study for long duration without breaking and feeling a inclination to do other things ,in a day .


PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2003 6:06 pm
by maxwell ainley
Making a vow to carry out something does not always go quite to plan ,I said my attitude was singular behind solving and searching ,but the forces of life ,in this case my past came back in the form of a few old enemys ,I had to turn my focus their way ,and reinforce my combat position .

There was a great need for more technique from seisan to aid a incoming threat.
At the later re-search point in conjunction with connecting the no1 seisan motion back to sanchin ,there is a sharpening of search mode and a increased interest to work sanchin to a slightly deeper level .

1. sharpening search tools
2.entry to another level
3.puzzle piece connection .


PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 9:15 am
by maxwell ainley
1. Sharpening search tools.
2.entry to another level .
3.puzzle connection.

Are really three interlocking aspects of search mode ;there will be a need to address these three.such as ,am I awake to their existance in my study .
I have listed major qualities that are first of all foundational in lots of my posts across the forums ,these all collectively come together as search tools .
I don't or attempt to avoid expressing uechi-ryu in clinical terms ,when really it should be colorfull ,indicate a human being at study .
The search tools are in the study ,which is really non other than a story ,without search tools our story will not continue in flows .
In this story I am aware of search tools ,they connect back to the foundation .Also words are starting to form on yet another page in relationship to sharpening these search tools .

1. awareness is building and connecting to mini search principles .


PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 9:30 am
by maxwell ainley
Across the forums I have attempted to indicate my specific story ,I showed basically that man/ women is a puzzle too ,just like this topic .
Some things I have carried out in this puzzle story have been highlighted ,certain things stated were me from yesteryear ,so what I say now come from various stages of development ,in other words they are not me now .

I have tried to show my egoistical side ,ruthless side selfish side ,please don't take all these things as "thats how I am now" when really its only a story .


PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 6:50 pm
by maxwell ainley
Working the no1 seisan move ,no attempt to analyze or speculate is made at all ,just a simple watch is kept on the motions ,similar in some respects to training sanchin .
But the differance now is we juggle the two ,some things will effortlessly flow straight back to sanchin from no1 move,analyzing would get in the way of this and send us down another path alltogether ,were we would very quickly come up against a brick wall and possibly drop the puzzle piece and exchange for some thing else .

By just watching the flow of no1 the puzzle is kept afloat ,when returning to sanchin our observation as new purpose , the flow of the puzzle is kept going throughout sanchin practice .
In this manner we don't get stuck and drop the puzzle ,steady practice of this will yield results ; the main results are sharpening search tools .


PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 7:02 pm
by maxwell ainley
A comparison in polygonal stonework .a piece is picked up from a selection ,and carried back to the wall .The eye intuition searches for a place to lay it ,nothing else at that point in development .no attempt is made to wonder who devised polygonnal work or how old the strata that it came from or different styles of stonework .
No we are at this point only concerned with sharpening search tools and connecting that specific stone to the wall ,
Analysis will come later.


PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2003 6:54 pm
by maxwell ainley
No1 movement creates a increased search in sanchin ,to connect back to .And the puzzle piece is seen to have many sides ,a bit like the polygonal stone ;and to connect those sides proves more than difficult .
But top priority is to sharpen search tools in the workout ,along with performance ,and now a introduction of another puzzle piece into the process.
And taking into account aclimatizing to the new puzzle piece ,I have stopped calling them techniques for this topic on purpose ,the techniques are a side to the puzzle piece's many sides .

A lot of students will see these movements not as puzzles at all ,but to those types face value will be okay .One of my purposes with this topic is to reinforce the value of the puzzle principle ,first of all it offers something new ,and the way this philosophy works just enough to keep sanchin stimulated , frugal would describe this philosophy .

A frugal yet econmical way of coming away from sanchin ,yet binary connections back to sanchin ,the creation of a totally different memory and filing system ,this is a new memory ,but it still is in its infancy in respect of the ryu .but it is being prepared in these frugal econmical build ups to absorbe the many sides of these puzzles .
At the moment the puzzle is shallow narrow ,but length depth and breadth will follow .


PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2003 7:07 pm
by maxwell ainley
When we lose ,or misplace something we enter search mode ,lets say a key for instance is the lost item .
We all must have had the frantic type searches ,or the step by step type ,or a very carefull search .They all indicate a attitude ,now each attidude of the above springs from a source within ,we need to identify the source .which type of search mode we bring to matters ,because they vary .

When we possess singular mode we are in a advantaged position ,is every body familiar with singular mode ? if you arn't you will need it ,make no mistake on this .
All the attitudes mentioned above ,and ther are more attitudes ,are useless they all spring from a part of us which is underdeveloped .They will not be able to stay the course before we give in . singular behind search mode is a must ,
Lose some thing of value , we search more keenly ,and the longer the time span involved in a search ,it takes its toll upon keeping awake and involved ,the watch word is awake ,we need to push at the undeveloped side make it come awake ,this is a part of the puzzle .


PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2003 7:12 pm
by maxwell ainley
To follow a trail thats quite difficult ,a tracker would need also a singular approach of a density ,it requires density to follow ,normally we are lacking in this density ,thats why we don't carry out what we started in lots of examples in life .

In this method this is taken fully into account ,we have to deal with it ,but we can't deal with it if we are unaware of what is happening ,or we say well thats little old me ,so the method needs tailoring to suit me ,but there is one draw back ,no change accurs normally ,okay the technique may change but not the density behind singular .
To aquire singular with growing density there must be some type of struggle take place .

I am on the trail of no1 movement returning to sanchin ,do I struggle ,you bet .To struggle is part of the puzzle ,its not all honey ,do I give in to weakness .or attitude prior mentioned ,no I don't .
I keep all attention to the trail ,I watch and don't speculate in case something is missed , now I know singular is building density .
What follows is sure footedness on the trail ,density brings sure footedness to singular ,a firm anchor ,other inner attitudes attempt to disloge this anchor ,but instead of getting carried away in imagination or analysis , I watch .


PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2003 7:09 pm
by maxwell ainley
To create a anchor , tallys with being awake to the principle of the puzzle .
When I pull a student to one side periodically on this subject ,its to highlight features around the principle of the puzzle ,such as the puzzle as been dropped ,and now you are blind to the puzzle ,and its top priority to remain awake to the principle .

All learned in the foundation is now tested in the puzzle can you see this ? we need to connect the principle of the foundation with the puzzle principle ,we have to strive not to go to sleep on this .Actually the foundation its self is a puzzle in its own right ,that grows in magnitude as the puzzle piece connects to the foundation .
The puzzle piece will always remain in the dark ,unless we create a anchor that keeps our movement on course for a connection ,a connection creates a new inner aspect to the new memory ,its a case of new lamps for old .
Things old will be dropped to create a anchor .


PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2003 11:17 am
by maxwell ainley
As we see from my descriptions ,this is very narrow study at present ;but its important and very meaningfull just why subject matter is presented this way and not other ways .
Mind /body/spirit as been prepared ,is still under preperation and now is aquiring tracking skill ,the massive puzzle piece sanchin ,is in a narrow state at present ,and tracking one motion at first from seisan back to sanchin does not imply its going to be fully solved .
The point is sharpening /tracking skills are being honed ,also the memory or memories are total sanchin based ;plus lots of baggage as been already cast out to form this sanchin memory ,this can be totally overlooked ,baggage gets in the way of a clear sanchin memory or should I say a clearer one .

One reason is this makes tracking clearer much smoother ,again this can be totally overlooked in any type of preperation work .

As I looked at this process by simply just watching ,the philosophy behind it opened up in a slow motion way to me ,what was obscure;became clearer a huge philosophy lay before me .The opening of the meanings behind this were similar to a flower opening in slow motion .

It is very difficult to just watch ,the temptation to interfere to tamper is great ,this is another specific reason why singular mode developed in sanchin must get behind this watching ,correct watching is a great skill ,drawbacks to it is we are drawn away into things that are attractive or just flavor of the month ,within the study methods ,and we can run around jumping on bandwagons of these tempting flavors .
I just watch and refuse to be drawn into bandwagons of thought etc ,my knowledge is my own free from admixture etc etc ,even though I am sharing a bit ,its only a bit ,I dont follow communist trains of thought ,I dont think all should be given to the community .

My offering is search tools tracking methods ,insight into tracking methods /sharpening skills ,this can lead to freedom real freedom of mind/body spirit at work ,instead of some one presenting yet another flavor that is never really our own .

This method looks shallow at first ,because we are really shallow,and not the method and its philosopy .