To Become a black belt

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To Become a black belt

Postby KerryM » Sat Sep 18, 2004 11:13 pm

I was just ticking out a few odd words-

came up with a thought or two that I thought you all might be able to share with me-

it is an in-complete thought- but creative a bit I spose :)

And then there is the black void which guards my center- I harness myself with the darkness, the infinity, even the "beyond" -

Why is that what people DON'T see? The lightness is the disease- it's where everyone begins . White is common place.

White trips you mid-stride, and causes the skip in our speech. It bites into our power with doubt and cowerdice.
White hurts us, and we console ourselves with, hey it's life right? We lack respect and gracefullness, draped in white.

Gently, at first, with baby steps, we add color. It begins the restricition of the disease. We need to nurture the color into our lives, and into our dreams-

We practice our focus- back to our balance. We see how natural al'natural can be. Slowly.

We change color, and EARN our darkenss. We strive and push and yearn for that grip around our middle.

To hold us, and keep the brightness of our humanity at a tenuous distance.

To try our best, to be there for others, and show them their own humanity, can be a journey with just a little less turbulence. A journey to feeling comfort with nothing. To learn the speed of darkness, and the power of glare.

A journey to the "self".

To "become" a black belt-


Like I mentioned- it is in-complete and not to be taken as "white belts ******" or as a statement of arrogance- it feels quite the opposite from that-

Thank for the read-

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Postby Jackie Olsen » Mon Sep 20, 2004 5:36 pm

Hi Kerry ... nice to 'hear' you again and thanks for sharing your thought process.

I'd like to offer this: The darkness (or sometimes referred to as the Shadow of Self) is where we stick our negativity/dark stuff we don't want to look at. When we shine light on it (look at what we hide - fears, anger, etc.) we allow it to dissolve and not become bigger in life. However, the Shadow or Dark is also where our 'shining' is hidden - our gifts/talents psychic-ness, intuitiveness that we don't want to look at/own up to/take responsibility either.

So it becomes a fine dance of shining the light into the darkness while also allow the light to become dark once in a while. Consider the Yin/Yang Symbol and what that is saying about Polarity/Duality in Life.

The cycle we train in starts off as White - stepping into pure trust & innocence of the process. With Yellow comes the dawn of a new day - we think we are now something. As we train, we get knocked down a couple of times and the belt becomes Green with stains from the Earth. We gain more confidence and the sparring becomes more intense as blood spills onto the belt and it becomes Brown. The belt then becomes Black as the student prepares to become a man/woman of knowledge. Thru many trials, teaching others, training, and deep contemplation over the years the belt again becomes White; thus, completing the circle...

Yes, I totally agree that the journey is to the Self and eventually the teachings must come from within.
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Postby KerryM » Mon Sep 20, 2004 8:26 pm

Hey that is my kind of interpretation there!


Thank you!

like I said it was an in-complete thought and as always to get on any road you first need to leave your house- so :)

I started off trying to write a scary story but it came out like that instead lmao :)

Blessings to you
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