Hi from your Fuzhou friend

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Hi from your Fuzhou friend

Postby Jaclyn » Mon Jul 05, 1999 1:23 am

Hi every one,
I'm visiting brockton. George Mattson has been showing me how to use the forums.
I'm new graduate from the University of Winnipeg with B.Sc. in Business Computing, and currently looking for an employment opporturnity in computer field.
If any one like to know my home country china, you're welcome to post your questions you may have, I'm pleasure to answer them.

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Hi from your Fuzhou friend

Postby gmattson » Mon Jul 05, 1999 2:05 pm

Welcome to the Forums Jaclyn.

I've been enjoying traditional Chinese food for the past two weeks, compliments of Jaclyn and Johnny.

How about explaining the difference between traditional Chinese (Southern variety) food and that which we Westerners get served at our local Ming Garden Restaurants.

I bet most people will be shocked to learn that the Chinese would never eat fried rice or chow mein as it is served in Western restaurants.

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Hi from your Fuzhou friend

Postby Jackie Olsen » Mon Jul 05, 1999 2:30 pm

Welcome Jaclyn,

Please tell us your differences. In my city, a new "Chinese" restuarant has opened and beome very popular ... an "all you can eat" buffet. I remarked to my family that, though the food tasted good, it seemed too Americanized. What is traditional?

In Beauty,

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Hi from your Fuzhou friend

Postby Gary Santaniello » Tue Jul 13, 1999 4:45 am

Hi Jaclyn,

Welcome to the forum. I had the privilage of having dinner with you and Johnny at George & Sue's house a few weeks ago. I hope that you are enjoying your stay and i wish you luck in your job search.

Once again thank you for the meal that was quite different having had much ginger and garlic in its content. Although a bit different from the conventional chinese food, it was enjoyed very much! I hope to have the opportunity again.

I have a question of interest unrelated to food, pertaining to the culture of chinese people. If you don't mind? It seems that the American people, at least in his geografical area are very rude in the way in which they interact. Common curtousy such as Excuse me, thank you, etc. etc. is very lacking. Much impatience along with attitudes of selfishness is reflected in behavavior.

In karate one of the principles taught is "respect" or it should be. From what i have seen, chinese and other oriental people appear to display somewhat more humble behavior. At least it appears that way to me in public places.

Our young people in this country appear to be getting more disrespectful than ever. I am sorry to say but many would agree, as i'm sure many would not. Yes, there are still a lot of "nice" people and "Good" children in our country. My question is this, do you see or feel that there is any substancial difference in our cultures that reflect a behavioral influence that make us any different in that area? Or do you feel that there is no difference at all in our cultures that we all behave in a simular way?

If you choose not to want to comment on it either way, i would also understand that. It is simply a subject that i have always been "curious" about and never had an opportunity to discuss.

Once again, nice to have met you and hope to join you again for dinner before you and your husband move on.

Gary S.
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