"Our Breath"

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"Our Breath"

Postby Jackie Olsen » Thu Oct 14, 1999 3:09 pm

A question asked most by new students and old alike is about breathing. We attempt to categorize, analyze, and systemize the definition until we lose sight of the purpose or journey.

I came across this quote today that has helped me simplify and remember ...

Our breath is the bridge from our body to our mind ... the element which reconciles our body and mind and which makes possible the one-ness of body and mind. Breath is aligned to both body and mind and it alone is the tool which can bring them both together, illuminating both and bringing both peace and calm.

--Thich Nhat Hanh, The Miracle of Mindfulness

In Beauty,


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"Our Breath"

Postby mugaku » Mon Oct 18, 1999 11:36 am

"following our breath" in transcient activity comes from a place of eternal stillness

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