a few bits of zen?

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a few bits of zen?

Postby mugaku » Thu Dec 30, 1999 1:04 pm

ok, this one will take some interaction and some patience and requires the more updated browsers.

no promises...just entertainment, so relax Image


a few bits of zen?

Postby Mary S » Thu Dec 30, 1999 1:34 pm

Mugaku - Excellent site!!!! I guess I need work on my patience... Mary S

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Mary S
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a few bits of zen?

Postby Jackie Olsen » Fri Dec 31, 1999 7:40 pm

Mugaku ...

Wonderfull!! It took me three tries before I was able to "do" something!!


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Jackie Olsen
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a few bits of zen?

Postby Evan Pantazi » Mon Jan 10, 2000 12:28 pm

Nice production, this internet stuff will probably be the next Art form...this site was a great start!

Evan Pantazi
Evan Pantazi
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a few bits of zen?

Postby otilio » Fri Jan 21, 2000 2:02 am

And so we see...... Its outa sight.
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