A back-pain tip.

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A back-pain tip.

Postby 2Green » Sun Mar 21, 2004 2:48 am

Ever felt a sneeze coming on when you have "thrown out" your back and patiently nursing it back to health? Sneezing is a major pain-shock to an injured back.

Here's what to do:
1: Stand up.
2: Lean your upper body back, so that your front abdominal muscles are holding you...pretend you're looking at the ceiling.
3: Sneeze to your heart's content. You can sneeze as hard as you want to, and you will feel ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in your back. I promise!

It's astounding, you won't trust or believe it until you do it.
I stumbled on this by accident, I don't know the physiology.
I believe that when the abs are supporting the balance 100%, the back muscles are disengaged 100%, but I don't really know.
It also speeds recovery since any sneeze is a very painful setback on the road to recovery..this eliminates every single one.
Even if you're lying in bed or sitting at your desk, get up when you have to, and sneeze this way.
Hope this halps lots of folks: try it, pass it on.
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