General support, not alone...people in need

Martial Artist get sick, have accidents, become disabled. This forum will focus on how these individuals cope with their condition while staying active in the martial arts and while living life to the fullest. Administered by Sensei Bill Bauknecht. He's been there and doing great! (You don't need to register in order to post here!)

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General support, not alone...people in need

Postby CANDANeh » Mon Sep 12, 2005 10:09 am

"Canadian navy divers have slipped into the murky waters of an Alabama bayou, in their first major salvage operation since being deployed following hurricane Katrina. The three-day effort to raise a 120-tonne shrimp trawler began yesterday at Bayou La Batre in 38-degree temperatures. The operation comes as Canadian military assistance in the disaster zone begins to ramp up. A military medical team from C-F-B Greenwood, Nova Scotia also arrived yesterday in Pensacola, Florida. But the most visible sign of the Canadian humanitarian effort is expected to arrive today, also in Pensacola. A three-ship naval convoy is slated to anchor at first light and begin unloading thousands of tonnes of badly needed supplies. Fred Johnson, the owner of the sunken fishing boat, says the U-S is usually the one in the giving position when there's a disaster. He says the Canadian help makes him and his country feel less alone."
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