Listen up, part II

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Listen up, part II

Postby gmattson » Mon Nov 15, 1999 4:27 pm

The last thread was was too long and was beginning to turn into a shouting match. I'm not sure the "Alternative" crowd will ever see eye to eye with the "science" group, but I'd rather not see us trying to win a point with a 'full contact' punch to the ego.

Personally, I still don't feel comfortable with J.D.'s explanation about what options a person has when 'science' has failed and one turns to witchcraft or anything else that seems to work for the individual.

There are too many testimonials from people who had exhausted conventional medicine. . . where doctors have given up. . . where these people found pain relief and some type of improvement through non conventional methods.

If our readers wish to continue this thread, lets try to keep it friendly and informative. I for one have enjoyed all the discussions on this subject that have taken place over the years. Although I don't agree with everything J.D. says, he does add a sense of logic and practicality to the topic.

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Listen up, part II

Postby Bill B. » Tue Nov 16, 1999 5:33 am

George I apologize, especially to J.D. I was doing nothing more than enjoying the debate, which really wasn't much,since I am in way over my head anyway and know it. This discussion could go on forever, my not understanding half of what he says and me only giving my lowly opinions. You know me, my foot was born in my mouth. BTW J.D.'s last post about learning common sense, I agree, I was wrong in stating common sense cannot be learned. I meant it can not be learned necessarily through formal education. My parents and the way I was brought up were the key for me, and as J.D says, living through all life experiences, including books. I do believe that most of the problems today come from the lack of common sense, from the home right up through our government. If it's right, it's right, if it's wrong, it's wrong. Ok, who determines right from wrong? That's a problem. Again if I insulted someone or shouted at them, sorry, it was all meant to be in fun. I always have a smile on my face when I am typing here.
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