One for the AMA!!

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One for the AMA!!

Postby gmattson » Tue Nov 16, 1999 2:29 pm

"An unconventional cancer treatment promoted by an 86 year-old Italian doctor does not work at all and is potentially dangerous, researchers reported yesterday."

The study of 314 patients treated with MDB (cocktail of vitamins, hormones and drugs) between 1971 and 1997 showed that fewer than 1 percent showed even a partial response to the treatment.

"Although these very poor results may be at least partially attributed to selection of advanced cases, they clearly exclude the efficacy of MDB treatment, as initially claimed."
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One for the AMA!!

Postby Bill B. » Mon Nov 22, 1999 9:40 pm

And now here's one FOR the AMA:
Article from the wire reports and also covered on a TV program last week:

Thalidomide can help combat bone cancer.

Thalidomide, the drug infamous for causing ghastly birth defects during the 1960's, appears to be effective against a highly lethal form of bone cancer, even in patients in advanced stages of the disease.
A study of 84 patients with miltiple myeloma found that all signs of the disease disappeared in 10 percent of those getting thalidomide, and most of the others improved somewhat.
"These were tough patients for whom there is no standard treatment approach available," said study co-author Dr. Bart Barlogie of the University of Arksansas Cancer Research Center.

This was interesting to me since I have MM and since there are low numbers in the US who are diagnosed with this disease each year, (13,000 or so), MM does not get much research money. Most cancer research goes to breast cancer, leukemia, and aids. Which is reasonable. Since I was at the New England Medical Center today for my test, I ask my doctor about this drug. It is being used now on selected patients but since the drug causes drowsiness they have been having a hard time getting past 100 mg while trying to get up to 800 mg. I guess it causes extreme drowsiness among their patients. I did not inquire about the results as this is pretty new up there. I also did not ask about the treatment for myself since I am in remission. Maybe some day it will help me. As you can guess, this is good news. Of course there is always something, but since NEMC and others are trying it, maybe they have found something. Thought I would share this with you.
Bill B.

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